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Why we are your best choice

Our advantages

  • Experience - Over the past 10 years we have set up computerised CRM systems for over 250 businesses

  • Honesty - We are very particular about the clients we take on.  Only if we are certain that we can provide you with an exceptional solution will we present a proposal to you.

  • Fixed Price - Our proposals offer you a fixed price that includes installation, set up and training.  Everything you will require to get up and running

  • Holistic Solutions - You will have access to the combined capabilities of the JAKE Group. At no obligation to you, we will point out other business improvement options that can greatly improve your profitability.

If you are interested in any way please email:

Alex Nosiara. / Business Manager / CRM Group / JAKE


The software

GoldMine Business Contact Manager

GoldMine Sales and Marketing


Maximizer Enterprise

Maximizer Enterprise SQL

Our specialty is...

  • Financial Services

  • Information Systems

  • Manufacturing

  • Media Companies

  • Real Estate


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