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Our Exceptional Software Development Team

About the team

JAKE has a highly experienced, very capable and consistently successful software development team of 13 professional people available for deployment.

This teamís latest project was the development of a n-tier, multi user, application that is optimised for use on a centralised database server accessible over the WAN and Internet.

This team has excellent Visual Basic, MS SQL/ MSDE, COM+/MTS, IIS and WEB development skills. The individual members are very intelligent and work well together to form an exceptionally efficient and thus highly productive team.

If you are interested in any way please email:

Jol Evans. / Business Manager / Custom Software Group / JAKE Pty Ltd.


Team Members

  • Business analyst / Project Manager
  • System architect
  • Senior system analyst
  • 2 senior analyst / programmers
  • 3 programmers
  • Network architect
  • Senior Test strategist
  • Test analyst
  • Documentation / Technical writer
  • Graphic designer

Please do not hesitate to contact JAKE if you only need part of this team.

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